Just As You Are, Right Where You Are

It's Friday!  The "What If" game is well-known and we've all played it.  "What if I were the boss of the company...?"  "What if I my job paid twice the money that it currently does...?"  "What if I had gone to college, how would my job be different...." or " What if I had a different job in another place...?"  When we play this little game, we always imagine that things at work would be better if things were somehow different.  But the Lord often specializes in using us where we are just as we are.

In Luke 8 Jesus healed a crazy man who wore no clothes and lived in a graveyard.  The Lord casts out the demons who had been possessing the man, sending them into the herd of pigs feeding on the mountain nearby.  So thankful was this man once healed that he begged Jesus to allow him to accompany Him as He went from there to minister. Jesus' response was to "'Return to your house and describe what great things God has done for you.'  So the man went away, proclaiming throughout the whole city what great things Jesus had done for Him." (vs. 39)  In other words, Jesus left him in the surroundings of his own life context and it was precisely there that the man was to minister in Jesus' name and relate to others the miraculous transformation that had occurred in his life!  In his Show and Tell (Zondervan Publishing, 2000), Kent Humphreys addresses this concept saying,  "Jesus rarely moved someone out of his or her natural sphere of influence.  Jesus would touch a life and then let that person be significant for Him right where Jesus had found him."

So you and I need not spend valuable energy wondering "what if" when Jesus wants to use us in the workplace where He has already stationed us, doing the job for which He has already commissioned us, with the people to which He has previously connected us!   Oswald Chambers puts it this way, "God engineers everything.  He is sovereign.  Remember wherever you are, you were put there by God, and by the reaction of your life on the circumstances around you, you will fulfill God's purposes."

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Take a moment to thank God for where you are!  Drop any notions that you would be better off somewhere else or that you could do more for the Kingdom of God IF the Lord moved you elsewhere to some other job or career.  Take full advantage of the opportunity you already have and bring Him glory in your current workplace setting.  Consider yourself to be in the exact place that He has called you and experience the real joy of maximizing your opportunity there!  See your co-workers as the select group of individuals the Lord has entrusted to you and minister to them with every fiber of your being.  You're in for a great day if you won't play what if and instead work with what is.  Make your Friday count for His Glory!