Put The Sewing Machine Away and Go Shopping?!

Good morning!  Years ago my insurance agent and adjuster made a wise decision.  When my van was involved in a seven-car pile-up, they first talked of fixing the badly mangled car with new parts. Ultimately, they decided the damage was too extensive and decided to issue a check for the fair value of the van and send us on our way to purchase another.  In other words, it was time for a fresh start. What needed to be changed was not a long list of parts but an entirely different car altogether.  With that in mind, consider your work.

Jesus taught a critical principle when He said, "No one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment; otherwise the patch pulls away from it, the new from the old, and a worse tear results."  (Mark 2:21)  It is unlikely that Jesus ever did much sewing, but He certainly was a master when it came to understanding the need for change in certain situations.  And putting a new patch on an old pair of pants or shirt wouldn't work then and it doesn't work now.  Such action results in "a worse tear."  Sometimes we make the workplace mistake, don't we, of trying to patch something that has no business being patched at all?  From His context (considering verse 22 as well), it appears that Jesus is teaching the concept of starting fresh with the new as opposed to trying to patch the old.

Today's Workplace Challenge:  What is it at work that you are trying to patch when, in fact, you should be replacing altogether?  It may be that you are experiencing the "worse tear" result and you simply need to scrap the old and start fresh.  Change at work can be difficult to face, at times.  We all get comfortable and often are magnetized to what seems convenient and/or familiar.  Pray this morning for the wisdom to patch what you can (with what is apropos for the occasion) and for the boldness to simply scrap what cannot be helped and get on with a new plan, initiative or action step.  Change for the sake of change is never advisable.  But change when the former is no longer effective or "fixable" is sometimes necessary.  Don't be afraid this morning to take the steps necessary to keep your company or organization on top of its game.  Put away patches,  if it's time, and roll out the new!  Have a superb workday in Christ!