The Absence and Presence of God In The Workplace

Good morning!  Sounds like a crazy question, almost arrogant on my part, but will you stop today to acknowledge God?  Or will you go on your merry way as if He is just another task, bullet-point, or "to do" item on your list today if time permits? The reason this is not a question asked in true arrogance is because I confess in asking it that I am prone to go about my own daily work-life duties and responsibilities and sometimes never really ask the Lord what He thinks about what I am doing, much less if it is really what He wants me to do.

The truth is we can have such an insane lust for independence that we really don't need God in our daily schedule.  And the smoke-screen of self-accomplishment often causes His absence to go undetected for long stretches of time.  When God told Moses and the 1.6 millon people of the Exodus Outdoor Hiking Company that the presence of the Lord would always be with them, Moses made a humble, confessional, We're-all-very-dependent-on-you request.  He said, "Lord, if your presence doesn't  go before us then do not lead us from here."  (Exodus 33:14)  I have been guilty many of my work days of jumping or "rushing in where angels fear to tread" simply because I thought it was a good idea.  Good ideas and godly ones, however, can be two worlds apart.  Good ideas are not always escorted by the Holy Spirit.

Today's Workplace Challenge: Take a 60-second inventory this morning.  Have you started down workplace pathways where you really haven't been led?  It is true that much of the Christian life is the making of choices between good, better, and best and this may be doubly true at work.  Analyze your daily routine from the moment you prepare for work to your arrival there to mid-day lunch to your commute home.  A consistent interfacing with God is a trademark of those who truly want God to not only be a part of their workplace but want Him to be Lord of it, too!  "Be still, and know that I am God."  (Psalm 46:10)  Take another minute or two to do that very thing.  Then reorganize your workday accordingly.  Let your communication with Him be conversational throughout the day...and let Him do most of the talking!  Implement this little exercise into your workday and you'll really make today count for His glory!