Putting A Face With A Faith

"Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing."    I Thessalonians 5:11

Good morning! Make it a day that will really count in your workplace.

Many have asked , "How do I really introduce Christ into my work environment?  How can I live my faith on the job without seeming too religious or overbearing?  What does that look like practically?"  These are great questions because it is easy to be religious yet never represent Christ.  Religion never helped anyone.  Encouragement and service have changed lives!

Below are several practical and non-religious ways you can serve Christ at work by serving or encouraging your coworkers.  Not all are appropriate for you but the hope is that some will or that they will spawn other ideas.  Today's Workplace Challenge:  Read this brief list and pick one of these ideas.  If you don't, no problem!  Just make sure you are keeping fresh your intentional efforts to lead others to Christ by practical example...

1. Save the better parking places at work for someone else.

2. Do something for someone in your organization who cannot possibly "pay you back" for what you might do for them. Be glad for this opportunity!

3. Contact your mayor or community leader.  Let him/her know you and five others in your workplace prayed for him/her that day.  (Be sure to pray!)

4. Each week, notify at least one vendor, customer, or supplier and thank them for the vital link they provide for your workplace or career.

5. For Christmas, sponsor an associate's deserving child to attend an age-appropriate Christian camp next summer.

6. Identify, recognize and award weekly an employee who demonstrates some fruit of the spirit.  Be creative with ways to convey to the company each week's recipient of this award.  (Award can be simple;  gift card?)

7. Quietly and discreetly prayer-walk your company's building or parking lot.  Ask the Lord for His favor on the organization and each employee.

8. Allow employees an hour or two per month to do some intentional act of kindness for someone in the company or community.  Record these!

9. Decide to meet at least one new person per week in your workplace.  Follow-up within 24 hours with an email reaching out in friendship.

10. Send one small card (3 sentences or so) per week expressing your appreciation for someone in your workplace who has blessed you.

11. Connect monthly or weekly with 3 or 4 (or more) others in your office and pray for your organization.  Have someone share a testimony.  Praise God for what He has done for you and for the company.

12. Sign up others to receive The Other 6 Days workplace devotionals.

You can think of many others if you try.  These ideas are just a few ways to get you started.  Thank you for putting a face on Christianity for all who have not yet met Him.  Have a great day and enjoy trying one or more of these.