When the Glory Fades

"The Lord weighs the motives. Commit your works to the Lord and your plans will be established."  (Prov. 16:2-3)

Good morning!  Grab some coffee and stay for a minute.  Former tennis champion Hana Mandlikova was once asked how she felt about defeating great players like Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert Lloyd.  She replied, "Any big win means that all the suffering, practicing, and traveling are worth it. I feel like I own the world." When asked how long that feeling lasts, she replied, "About two minutes."

Workplace successes are great, aren't they?  We've all had moments in our careers when things "come together."  The project finally materialized, the scores were higher than ever, the building was completed or we finally reached a coveted goal.  We love such moments, especially when blood, sweat and tears have gone into the accomplishments.  But the thrill of vocational accomplishments can be short-lived, as seen above in Mandlikova's reflections.  After all, there will be a new champion next year.  The accolades will fade and the money will be spent.  Notoriety will disappear and titles lost.  Even the greatest of greats from eras gone by are now has-beens.  Few today even remember Mandlikove's name.

When our primary motivation for working is for the salary, trophy, notoriety, or fame, it doesn't take long to sense a hollowness in our spirit...that feeling that "I must do something else to top this."  But when our purpose and motivation is to serve Christ and be used as a vessel to glorify Him through our workplace success, then the joy of the eternal blessing that is reaped is much intact when the momentary (two minutes or two years) thrill of victory disappears. 

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Make the most of your day by dedicating its successes and victories to God's glory!  Do what you do for Him.  Enjoy the accolades when they come, but ensure eternal reward by turning the moment and the positive consequences of the success to a source of praise and blessing to your Savior.  Never forget that He is the reason for your workplace victory anyway.  So heap it back upon Him and you'll find that when the trophy is tarnished and no one remembers, Someone will remember!  And that's a good way to make today count for His glory!  Have an incredible Friday and weekend!