Have you Stopped Dreaming?

What is your dream?  What do you want to accomplish via your calling in your lifetime?  If you could do anything, regardless of cost, with the life, calling, work and skill-set the Lord has given you, what would it be?  Do you have a dream?  Can you write it down?

Good morning!  Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream, that's for sure, and he worked all of his short life to see it come to fruition.  But do you have a dream?  If you could accomplish anything in your workplace this year, what would it be?  

Consider Nehemiah, the guy who had a silver spoon in his mouth as the cup-bearer for the King of Persia.  The pay was good and the benefits were untouchable; he was part of the king's court.  But Nehemiah had a dream... to be a wall-builder.  He wanted to rebuild Jerusalem's walls. Crazy Nehemiah!  Where are you going to get the resources for that?  How will you ever rally the broken down people of the city?  Why would your boss, the King of Persia ever let you go, anyway?  And who are you to think you (of all people) could pull off such a stunt?  But "God was putting into [his] mind" (Neh. 2:12) a dream.  And Nehemiah saw that dream actually happen.  He and his army of helpers built a massive wall around the city in only 52 days.  By today's standards this is literally miraculous lightning-fast speed to build such a huge wall.  What is your dream?  Our God is in the business of giving dreams then seeing that they are actualized!

Have you stopped dreaming?  I can't tell you how many people I know personally who have no workplace dream.  There is no real vision about "what I believe the Lord wants me to do with my job/calling."  

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Dream again!  Or dream for the first time!  Make it audacious, even God-sized.  Ask the Lord to give you a dream for your career/calling if you don't have one.  If he gave you one years ago and it no longer lives, then let Him resurrect it and bring it to pass through you.  Write the dream down.  Articulate it clearly.  Hab. 2:2 says, "Write the vision and make it plain..."  In other words, make it black and white for you and everyone else to see.  Define it. Share it with others.  Ask them to pray about it.  Then go after it...starting today!  It doesn't matter what you do, make sure you have a dream and are working hard to see it accomplished as you work every day.  Ask God to bring it to pass for His glory!