Prison Life – By: Charles Ligon

“At midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God and the prisoners were listening to them”.  Acts 16:25

How can this be? How is it that Paul and Silas could be in a dark, damp literal prison yet be rejoicing and praising the Lord?

In his final years, my father-in-law was in a prison of sorts. While not in a literal prison, his circumstance was very confining. He was elderly (mid-eighties), handicapped (one leg), mostly alone (very few visitors) and for the most part immobile. Yet, despite his circumstance he continually praised the Lord. You see, his circumstance did not dictate how he lived his life and what proceeded from his lips. He constantly testified to God’s goodness, prayed unceasingly and loved to acknowledge God’s presence there with him. He was filled with the joy of the Lord and it encouraged me and everyone who came near. His joyful attitude inspired me. I was significantly impacted by his life because the light of Christ shined brightly through him.  

What about you? Is your workplace a “prison of sorts” and your circumstance difficult? If so, what is your attitude in your difficult circumstance? Does it reflect joy and a continual testimony of praise? And, more importantly, what do others notice about you?  The Bible says that Paul and Silas’ rejoicing within their prison walls drew people’s attention, does yours?  What followed was a demonstration of God’s power. The prison was shaken, doors opened and chains released. Rather than cursing God and vowing vengeance for being thrown in prison, Paul and Silas chose to rejoice…and God showed up. The skeptical jailor took notice and ultimately he and his family believed in God.     

Workplace Challenge: I will admit some workplace environments are difficult. Perhaps you are in one. Consider how you respond to your workplace situation. Are you negative, bitter, angry or even vengeful? Or, do you reflect the joy of the Lord because He is near and because of what He has done for you? Resolve today to do the latter. Whistle a praise song as you work, acknowledge God’s presence, share a testimony about what God has done in your life and decide to be grateful for little things. Your joy contrasted with your circumstance will attract the attention of others. They will be amazed and marvel at the power of God in your life. When our situation is darkest, the light of Christ in us can shine brightest...if we let it. Make today count for His glory!