How to Walk on Water --- By: Joe Franklin

How to Walk on Water
“Immediately Jesus spoke to them. ‘Have courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.’ ‘Lord if it’s You,’ Peter answered Him, ‘command me to come to You on the water.’ ‘Come!’ He said.”  Matthew 14: 27-29 HCSB.
Once I had the privilege of witnessing Kingdom Dog Ministry’s dog obedience demonstration. The audience is captivated by the program as stunt after stunt the dog simply obeys his trainer. While demonstrating obedience, the trainer communicates simple truth from Scripture about following Christ and how we must do it with simple child-like faith. Near the end of the performance the trainer asks for a volunteer to assist him. He is going to repeat one of the stunts where the dog goes through a series of commands and complicated steps before retrieving an item. This time he would allow the volunteer to give the final command. When the stunt was carried out the obedient dog would not retrieve the item until his real master gave the command. Needless to say it was a great display of obedience and a vivid reminder that God’s people are called to simply obey.
The truth is we never know exactly where Christ will lead us, but we know that if we obey and follow that is all He asks. The disciples left everything and followed Him. They were among the scores of people who witnessed the miraculous power of Christ healing and touching the lives of people when He walked upon this earth. It is interesting that Jesus got these men from various work place settings. Work place experiences prepare us for service in fact we all know firsthand that our work place is often where ministry begins. Do you see the work place as your launch pad for ministry? We serve where He has placed us today. What if Peter had not been in place the day Jesus came by? The same is true for James and John and Matthew the tax collector. They were in their respected places doing their jobs. God is always everywhere, but Scripture teaches us that He usually shows up in the middle of people living out their everyday lives, just like today. Christ is in your work place today. He is that winning attitude that has already decided I will give my best today because in doing so I show who my true Master is. I will smile even when co-workers do not smile back, even when they are rude. He shows up with genuine acts of kindness as we show our co-workers that we have concern for them and their families. Christ shows up when we exercise our faith. Peter was the one in the boat who believed it was Jesus. He asks for and accepts the command of Jesus to step out onto water.   Make today count by looking for Jesus because He is there even in the storms and He will use the disciple who will step out on the water by faith.