Except for His Grace

John had an addiction and desperately needed help. His marriage, job and future depended on it. He wanted to come clean but feared his wife and extended family would not understand, and that his employer would quickly terminate his job. With courage, he told them anyway. His family was shocked by the revelation of a drug addiction but with deep compassion they arranged to get John admitted to the 5-7 week drug rehab facility. Thankfully, his management team also showed compassion and agreed to hold his job until rehab was complete. The response at every level up to the CEO was “except for the Grace of God, there go I”.  John has successfully completed his rehab and rejoined his workplace team. Free from the bondage of addiction, he became a more loyal, committed and compassionate employee. More importantly, his marriage and his family remained intact. That would not be true except for the grace extended by others.

Let’s be honest, we don’t typically think of the workplace as a location to offer grace, love and compassion. Rather, it’s a place to do a job, achieve goals and to earn profit. It is a whole lot easier to judge others at work and to ignore the needs around us. But, lest we forget, Jesus our ultimate example demonstrated grace wherever he went, especially in the marketplace.

A beautiful example of Christ extending grace took place in John 8:3-11. The adulterous woman knew what she had done was wrong. She didn’t need Christ to tell her how to change. Rather, she needed to know that Christ loved her despite her past and that He loved her too much to allow her to stay that way.  Jesus gave her hope and a second chance. He extended grace to her. Shouldn’t we do the same?

Our workplace challenge is to be willing to extend grace more often and to adopt an attitude of “except for the Grace of God, there go I”. There is a “John” in your workplace that needs a second chance. Except for the grace of God, “John” could be you. Make today count for His glory.