What's Unfinished?

Jesus said, "It is finished!"  John 19:30

It's Friday. For many of you, the work week is almost over.  For all of us, a new month has begun.  What project or task did you start at work only to have it interrupted and consequently unfinished?  Of course, you didn't abandon it intentionally.  It's just that the work week (or month) got really busy: unexpected developments, longer-than-usual meetings, office equipment breaking down, somebody quiting, a contract or sale that was hard to close and took twice the time, computers crashed for no apparent reason...you know, you were there.  And this morning, some very important things you started are just dangling - undone.  What are you going to do about it?  You promised your fellow employees it would "be done by Friday.'  You told your boss, "I'll have it to you by the end of the month."  Time has gotten away.  In the workplace, we make a poor representation when we start and never finish.

Jesus addressed this very thing.  He told two similar stories about a king who started a building project (a tower) but didn't finish it.  The other was about a king who went to war but wanted to quit before the mission had been accomplished (Luke 14:27-32).  Jesus said that the consequences of such unfinished business results in ridicule (vs. 29).  It is a poor testimony, isn't it, when we get in the middle of it and just stop.  It doesn't speak well of the company or organization and it can seriously erode our Christian witness.  Others may not come right out and say it, but it's the truth.  On the other hand, when we promise and produce, we earn more respect and appreciation that not only contributes to company success but can be turned, in many cases, into glory for our Lord.

Today's Challenge:  Refocus.  Recommit yourself to that project.  Target a new date or time and get it done.  If it's worth doing, then go ahead, starting now, and put your hand to the work.  Don't look back and don't give up, assuming it was important to your workplace staff, operation, or goals in the first place. Do it and make today count for His glory!