Workplace Covenant Challenge

As Christians, we should be among the very best of employees anywhere regardless of occupation, geography, social status, color, or denomination. We should be setting the standard in our industry for excellence, ethical purity, productivity, enthusiasm, effort, and even knowledge and skill level. After all, not only do we want to go the second mile to please our employers and employees, we ultimately want to please the God who placed us in the workplace in our respective positions and charged us to be His ambassadors until the day Jesus returns!

Understanding that Jesus is Lord of every minute of our every day and that He wants to use us for His glory in every area of our lives, including and especially in our workplace environment, we must be intentional and systematic in applying our faith daily. Not only does our obedience give great glory to Christ but it also leads to transformation in the lives of others and causes them to desire a relationship with Him. Our reputation as employees and employers should be so strong and positive that others take note of our work and even inquire as to our motivation, drive, attitude, and productivity in the workplace. This earned reputation of excellence will foster openness and appreciation among others and contribute to the goals of our companies and businesses. On occasion it will give us the opportunity to verbally share our faith as a result.

Therefore, as a disciple of Jesus Christ and wanting to live with daily purpose, passion, purity, and productivity, I am accepting The Other 6 Days Workplace Covenant Challenge and with God The Holy Spirit as my Helper, I prayerfully commit to these four basic areas of workplace commitment: T (Time), O (Opportunity), S (Service) and D (Daily Growth).

I will view my time at work as a gift from God and view it as a ministry to which I have been called by God, understanding my vocation and every minute invested in it as a mission field where Christ Jesus is at work and where He has chosen me to represent Him and the Kingdom of God to fulfill His eternal purposes. I willingly accept that I have been called to be the Lord's ambassador and minister to my co-workers and associates. I will be on time, complete my work in time, and be a faithful employee/employer at all times.

I will look for and be open to opportunities in my workplace and daily living to practically demonstrate to others the love of God and my faith in Jesus Christ. I will strive to be a visible Christian and pray regularly and specifically for co-workers, listen more and talk less, and be intentionally available to them. I will initiate and build relationships by identifying those whom I may daily encourage with a phone call, email, verbal word, or handwritten note. I will refrain from gossip or any kind of language that would not represent Christ; rather, I will only use speech and words that are edifying to others, gracious as unto the Lord, and uplifting to my employer or organization. From a heart of gratitude, I will utilize every opportunity to pray for the daily success and well-being of my employer or place of business.

Following the example of the servant-leadership model of Christ Himself, I will humbly seek to daily serve the needs of those with whom I connect in the workplace. I will not promote myself or think of myself more highly than I should but will strive to put others before myself. When appropriate I will initiate and assist with local or global community Christian service projects with my co-workers that will promote greater relationships and benefit others in the world around me.

Daily Growth
I commit to continue growing in Christ daily, deepening my faith and trust in Him, allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse, change, mold, and equip me in order to more purely reflect Him in my workplace and daily life. I will allow God's Word to teach me, the Holy Spirit to lead me, regular worship in my church to focus me, and prayer to convict and cleanse me, and will develop my personal testimony with a readiness to share it as often as the Lord allows. With regard to my specific God-chosen vocation, I will daily strive to continue growing and sharpening my skills and abilities in order to serve my company with excellence by being/doing my very best.

If you are willing to accept the Biblical mandate of serving Christ in your workplace, complete the very short box below and let us know that you are the latest in an army of people who are making your life count not just on Sundays, but the other six days as well!  God bless you for your commitment to Him!