Which One are You?

Which one are you?

Over the years I have been privileged to work among many Christians in the workplace. My experience has taught me that some workplace believers are more easily identified as such, while many others are not. In other words, some believers remain covert. They check their faith at the workplace door, blend into their environments and keep faith a “private” matter. At the other extreme, many believers openly live their faith and desire to make a kingdom impact for Christ where they work. This is God’s purpose for our lives.

Ed Silvoso, author of Anointed for Business, observed that there are four types of Christians in the workplace today. The first type of Christian is the “survivor”. Survivors generally conform to their environment and have no positive impact for Christ where they work. Nor do they have zeal or a desire to integrate faith and work. Instead, they “check their faith at the door” on Monday mornings. They simply work to collect a paycheck with no real purpose except to survive. The second type of Christian is the one who lives by Christian principles alone. They will not change their environment nor will it change them. These believers maintain a positive attitude but don’t believe they can impact their work environment. Consequently, they have very little power. The third type of Christian at work is the one who lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. They have a heart toward God and seek Him in every aspect of their lives. They reflect a life of prayer, the study of God’s Word and obedience. This person asks for God’s wisdom and direction in all things and He is at the center of every decision. But, there’s more…the forth type is the Christian described in three but who desires to transform his or her workplace for Christ. This transformational Christian will impact the workplace culture to the glory of God. It is only the power of God working through these believers that will bring change and impact the environment for good.

Your workplace challenge is to ask this question. Which Christian am I? If not three or four, why not? Decide now to live in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit. But don’t stop there. Adopt a transformational presence and allow God to manifest His power through you. The Bible says that Christ lives in you and this gives you the assurance of sharing His Glory (Colossians 1:27). Make today count for His glory!