The Hurting

My friend, John, rounded a corner on the greenway and was startled by a second biker. To avoid a collision, John turned sharply to his right. In an instant, the wheels of his bike slipped out and John crashed to the ground severely breaking his left arm. John cried out for help but the biker ignored his plea and sped away. Through excruciating pain, John laid in wait until a Good Samaritan stopped to help him. We’ll never know why the other biker failed to stop and assist John who was obviously hurt, perhaps badly. Maybe he had to get to a meeting; maybe he was too busy; perhaps he simply lacked compassion. Whatever the reason, it was disappointing.

Our workplaces are filled with people who are in pain. They are hurting as they struggle with broken relationships, personal rejection, financial hardship, wayward children, health issues, among many other things. They too are waiting for a caring person to stop and help them.  As believers, we have a responsibility to stop and show compassion to those around us but, many times, we are too busy or too selfish with our time to get involved.

Jesus shared the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37) to remind us of our responsibility. (Paraphrase) While traveling from Jerusalem to Jericho, a man was attacked by thieves. He was beaten, badly injured and left for dead. Both a Priest and a Levite saw him and passed by on the other side. Then, a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed saw the man and had compassion. The Samaritan attended to the man’s wounds, put him on his own donkey and took him to get assistance. The Samaritan even paid his bill. In Verse 37, Jesus tells us to “go and do the same”. He calls all believers to show compassion to the hurting.

Our workplace challenge is to identify the hurting around us and to respond with compassion. Compassion might mean a word of encouragement, a listening ear or a shoulder for someone to cry on. It might require paying a bill or providing temporary transportation or even shelter. Jesus went about cities and villages…He saw the multitudes and He was moved with compassion for them because they were weary (Matthew 9:36).  As His followers in the workplace, we are called to go and do the same for His glory.