What's Your Pulpit?

Good morning!  Jesus did a good bit of preaching.  Ironically, he did most of it somewhere other than in the four walls of a building.  For example, Matthew (13:1-2ff.) records the day when Jesus was hanging out on the beach.  It is unclear as to what He was doing. Maybe He and His disciples were tired and stopped for a moment of rest or took a day off to play ancient frisbee golf.  Who knows?  But  when the crowds discovered Him there they gathered closely around.  Jesus pushed offshore to get a little space between Him and them and used the boat as His pulpit.

What is your pulpit?  In other words, where do you do most of your daily "preaching?" You know that you are preaching a sermon at work, right?  The question is, what is your pulpit?  For the transportation broker, his pulpit is his desk and his congregation is the person on the other end of the phone or the recipient of his email or contract.  With these tools he imparts the excellence and integrity of Christ. The plumber's pulpit is the kitchen sink or around a leaky faucet as he goes from home to home.  His skilled wrench is his avenue to model his Lord. The hotel clerk "preaches" from her check-in counter.  The joyful manner by which she greets her guests and runs their credit cards shows them what it means to be a redeemed child of God.  The CEO's pulpit is his boardroom table.  It is there that he demonstrates Christ in his decision-making and strategic planning as well as his excellence in relating to investors or stockholders.

Your pastor's pulpit may be a piece of furniture that he stands behind for 30-45 minutes every Sunday morning. Yours is probably at work and different in shape, style, and location.  But it is powerful.  From your pulpit you convey the essence of Who God is and why a relationship with Him is worth having.  Your message, though far more action than talk, is much more compelling and impacting than you may think.  Associates and co-workers make decisions every day based on what your sermon teaches. 

Today's Workplace Challenge:  What is your sermon today telling others at work about Christ?  Is your message clear?  Is it compelling?  Is it being delivered with passion?  No one likes a boring sermon.  Determine this morning that your fellow-employees will see the Truth of Christ lived out in your life today and that His love is easily understood and recognized in you!   Let the Lord prepare your message each day by spending some time alone with Him.  He'll show you how to effectively deliver the sermon so that others will want to know more about Him.  Have a fun day at your workplace pulpit!  Take it seriously...If the Kingdom is to go forward today, this is how it will happen.  "...The Kingdom of God is at hand." Mark 1:15