First Things First

Good morning!  First place is the coveted spot.  In today's culture, second place or runner-up is often not even an honorable mention.  A local television station reported recently that "we were the first to report that..."  One national news station often comments, "You heard it first on..."  There is always a race to be first. There are probably 50 First Presbyterian Churches, for example, for every one church sign that says Second Presbyterian Church (true with all denominations).   School kids love to be first in line.  Those in sales scramble to be first in sales in the company, region, or even the nation.  Every company in any industry wants to be the leader (first) in whatever product or service that is being offered.

While wanting to be first in sporting events, competitions and business is healthy, the world of relationships is altogether different.  I recall a soldier describing an army general with whom he had spent time: "He always insists that everyone else goes before him in the chow line.  He eats last.  He insists on being last and putting all other soldiers ahead of himself."  Now that's a change!  Jesus said, "But many who are first will be last; and the last will be first" (Matt. 19:30).  Jesus often turned the world's perspectives and values upside-down.  In fact, our Savior put everyone ahead of Himself when He left heaven for Bethlehem's cradle only to ultimately die on a cross.  So much in the Kingdom of Heaven is just the opposite of how we value or perceive it to be in this world.  So now, put this principle into practice on the job and wherever you go.

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Allow co-workers to go ahead of you.  Put them first.  Be second or third or even last in line.  Make it your goal to put fellow-employees ahead of yourself and take the back seat or the last seat (be glad to stand if there is no seat left). Insist that others go ahead of you.  Hold the door open and let them go out first.  Put your associates before yourself in all things at all times. Putting your faith into practice in life and at work often means being last on purpose. Have a great Friday and make it count for His glory!