Rethink How You Lead

"The plans of the diligent lead to profit..."  Proverbs 21:5a

Good morning!  Give the Lord some praise this morning!  Many if not most of you who read this devotional have some or many who report to you or who fall in your line of authority.  Another way of putting that is that you are responsible for them in some way.  That responsibility includes assisting them and investing in them so that they become all they can be for your organization, company, business or workplace.

Question... Are you instilling confidence in those who fall under your authority?  Are you helping them become all they can be?  Do you equip them, assist them, build them up then turn them loose to do their very best for the company or business?  Some in leadership believe they must micromanage every piece of the business and every person in the organization.  Of course, accountability on everyone's part is huge.  But are you leading others by empowering them to do their job better? 

Today's Workplace Challenge:  Consider those who are in your line of responsiblity and care (your employees or those in your department or who answer to you).  Rethink how/if you are really doing all you can for them.  The reality is that the more you help them, the stronger the organization and the more successful you are!  Resource them again.  Train them.  Brag on them!  Strategize with them.  Build them up and empower them to ascend to new heights in their skills and in their performance levels.  They may not ask you to do this.  Just do it!  That's why YOU are in the leadership position.  Let those who are helping you grow the company know how important they are. Who knows what kind of renewal and growth your company will experience.  Get out there and invest yourself in your people and really make today count for His glory!